Sumbe Normandy

ArchitectsAisulu Uali, Elvira Bakubayeva
PhotographerAiste Rakauskaite

This office project was made for Sumbe, a race horse farm and company in Normandy, France.

During the design process, we looked for inspiration not only in the local scenic landscape, but also in the Kazakh mountain scenery where the eponymous settlement of Sumbe, after which the company is named, is located. We have tried to reflect the materiality as well as the natural colour scheme of these places. This can be seen, for example, in the reception area, where we used textures reminiscent of rocky mountain ranges and lighting fixtures symbolising the icy peaks of the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains.

The overall style of the project is a slight nostalgia for a mid-century aesthetic, with wood panelling, leather furnishings, brass elements and cosy lighting.

The main points of attraction in each room are the square or elongated 'landscape' windows, which we have framed in wooden baguettes like works of art. And for good reason - each window offers stunning views of the Normandy countryside.