Sumbe Almaty

StatusIn progress
ArchitectsElvira Bakubayeva, Aisulu Uali, Victoria Akram, Alyona Basova
CollaboratorsOleksandra Aloshkina (drafting)

This winter we were commissioned to create a space for comfortable work and meeting with partners for our regular client. At the head of the concept was a goal to create a subtle yet sophisticated space.

1/3: Executive office

In the executive office we have tried to make a contemporaryreference to the midcentury style - the wood panelling, leather, iconic pieces of furniture. A partition behind the desk hides a column in the middle of the room, giving it additional spatial and functional value. There is a private area with a cloakroom, WC and a corner with a daybed for relaxing.

2/3 Reception, open space, conference room

The concept is based on the idea of creating a bright space for comfortable work and meeting with partners. At the head of the concept is a generous amount of air, a delicate, understated yet high end style. The few corridors are resolved by arches, to make travelling from one end of the office to the other more pleasant. The walls of the common space are stone veneer, the floors are done in concrete flooring.

3/3 Private office, kitchen

We would like to point out that, thanks to the talented team, in addition to our beloved photorealistic renderings, we have now begun to use collage filing techniques for a faster, but no less beautiful, presentation of the projects.