Minimalist Apartment

StatusIn progress
ClientPrivate client
ArchitectsAlyona Basova, Elvira Bakubayeva

The interior of the apartment turned out to be the same as the internal state of the customers - clean, light, free and natural. The owners' love for nature is reflected in the use of textured materials in calm shades. This gives the interior a unique character and creates a feeling of unity with the environment. Stainless steel, exposed concrete, veneered MDF, decorative textured plaster and plywood - each material is selected for its natural texture and color. Warm floors and microcement allow you to walk barefoot through the house, enjoying the touch of natural materials, just like in Japan, where minimalism originated and became the basis for this project.

All storage is hidden in custom cabinets, keeping the lines simple and making the space visually cleaner.Using localized directional lights, we emphasize interesting details such as paintings and the relief of the concrete column, creating unique scenarios and giving the space a chamber-like and museum-like feelAnother accent design element is the radial glass partition, behind which we place tall dried wood, which can be arranged according to the mood. We are very happy to help our customers discover themselves, creating spaces that are comfortable for them to live in.