Julius Cafe

ArchitectsElvira Bakubayeva, Victoria Akram
PhotographerDamir Otegen

Julius is a small coffee shop in the center of Almaty. The starting point for the interior concept was a red La Marzocco coffee machine, which the customer had purchased before the project began. We thought it was symbolic to build a coffee shop interior around the coffee machine. Thus appeared the red door, which reminded us of the iconic Parisian bar Little Red Door; as well as all the other small red accents, including the logo and the identity.

The desire to turn this small space into a little "coffee sanctuary" led us to the chamber-like, coffee-and-milk colored wood paneling, ceiling vaults, and brick floor transitioning to a bar counter. Local artist Nurbol Nurakhmet's charcoal sketch on the wall adds a special subtlety to the atmosphere. The contact bar gives visitors the opportunity to watch the process of brewing coffee as a performance. Danish brand Gubi chairs are used in the project, tables are made according to our design by local craftsmen.