Bitanga Restaurant

ArchitectsElvira Bakubayeva, Aisulu Uali
CollaboratorsAssel Yeszhanova
PhotographerViktor Magdeev

Conceptually, the main idea was to use an unexpected approach to interpreting national culture in the interior.

We initially decided not to use direct ethnic quotations, not to use a lot of ornamentation, not to use overtly traditional shapes, not to do it 'head-on'. Instead, we wanted to convey atmosphere through materials, colours, and naturalness. The blue ceiling is clearly the sky, but also the colour of the symbols of Ukraine. The main colours and materials at eye level are natural, steppe, rocky. We still used some symbols: the chandeliers are associated with the nests of storks, which are the favourite birds in Ukraine. And the minimalistic ornament on the wall tiles and tables is a leaf of a chestnut, the symbol of Kiev. As for visitor's experience it is calm monochrome colours: table, tablecloth, tableware, walls, textile and decor allow not to distract from the main purpose of the place — food, drinks and communication.